Sunday, November 23, 2008

The best part of winter..

Is fruit stuff. This stuff doesn't have a name. Just "fruit stuff". There's nothing to it, really. Just oranges and grapefruit, cut up into a fruit salad, marinating in its own juice. This is really popular with the family. When we were all at home, we could go through about 80 pounds of fruit in a season between four people--40 lbs. each of grapefruit and oranges. This is a 5 lb. bag of grapefruit and approximately as much of oranges. I had 4 left over out of an 8 lb. bag.

The part that makes this great is Texas grapefruit from the Rio Valley. So sweet, so red, needs no sugar! A little more expensive here than the Florida grapefruit, but it's worth the extra cost to me to have something that truly tastes like home.



MikaJ said...

YUM! I love winter too and all the citrus! Gotta keep that scurvy away! Happy Turkey Day! See you next week!

Rebecca said...

There will be no scurvy around this kitchen!
I hope you had a happy Turkey Day, also!