Monday, September 01, 2008

A serendipitous weekend

Wow! For a weekend spent not doing much of anything, I sure had a good one. Perhaps karma is finally starting to work for me. Or so it seems for these past few days! First, on Saturday, I was the very happy recipient of this bunch of loveliness from Faraday:

For once, my camera captured the yellow correctly! That is two hanks of VERY yelllow and VERY orange yarn from Hawthorne Cottage, and two hanks of Naturally Aspire super chunky. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful and generous friend! Perched on top is some local (to F) tea. It's a green tea with some roasted rice in it. The flavor is quite delicate, and the rice gives a peculiar (but yummy) aftertaste. I think the actual meaning of the brand is "Tea: 2x the caffiene", as when I tried some of this in the evening, I ended up being awake half the night!

Then, on Sunday, I went to go catch up on all the latest gossip with Anne at the Yarn Barn (in it's new closer location!). Next door to us is this store that sells all sorts of neat goods that are organic, fairly traded, and generally sustainable. There was a dress form outside the shop sporting a sari, with the label " recycled silk saris now available"....and who am I to turn down beautiful fabric? I didn't go in because I knew if I did I would be walking out with a sari, no matter the cost, and I couldn't bear to see what I knew I would have to turn down. Now, Anne knows a good deal when she sees one (and has similar tastes in fabric!)...SHE went in. Those saris? A steal at $30. Anne pointed out you can't get good saris in India for that price...I couldn't resist any more, and came away with these:

And my desk is even clean!

Finally, today, I adopted a bicycle. It was being thrown away at my apt. complex, and it looked, to me, to be in good shape. So I brought it up, dusted it off, and then took it down to the local bike shop for an analysis. I was right! It only needs a little love and a touch of work. For about $75, it will be good as new. Here's my find:

Not bad for a dumpster-dive find, eh? It's sporting air in the tires, a new seat, a little elbow grease, and some WD-40. It's got a couple scuff marks, still, but you can't tell unless you look really closely.
Up next: a completed sweater!


Wendy said...

I couldn't remember your website that you gave me earlier so I googled you. And look what I found!? Love you girl!

Rebecca said...

Uh oh...what else did you find!?
Love you too! I miss going out and catching up on all the lastest with you!