Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Perverse pleasures....

You know, I get a real thrill out of venturing into "guy" spaces, getting exactly what I need, and not being hassled about it. Take Radio Shack. The looks on the clerks' faces when you go in and ask for a male Coax-to-USB cable is utterly priceless. Today, though, it was the auto parts store. Another version of the "guy store", where, as a woman, it's assumed that you are an idiot. Now, I've been dragged along to my share of these establishments (thanks dad!), and I know more or less how it goes: general stuff is out in front, but if you want a particular part, you need to ask the guys behind the counter standing in front of the intimidating-looking boxes. And they do know what they're talking about, so it's worth chatting them up if you're not sure.

First, a little background. On the way to liberate my furniture from Robert back in April, my CD player got jammed when I got over-eager in putting in a new CD. This has restricted me to the radio for the past several months, and my IPod when I just can't stand any more free-format stuff the undergrads play on WXYC. So, I decided it was time to take the bull by the horns and dig out the CD from the radio and see if I can get it working again. I tackle the radio with a pair of tweezers, get them into the slot where CDs go, and they get stuck.

Radio: 1, Becky: 0

The tweezers get rescued, and I attack some holes that look like they might lead to some sort of switch to release the radio. They do, but the tweezers aren't long enough.

Radio: 2, Becky: 0

A little savvy googling shows that there is in fact a tool, and it is easily available from the local auto parts store. And it's cheap. You bet it is: $3.99, and bonus points for the flirty salesman. Of course I'm going to do the work myself. And yes, I go to school here. Or did. And yes, I know that a graduate degree in Environmental Science means I must be pretty smart. I can handle a silly stubborn radio.

Back to the radio, tools in hand. A little futzing about with the placement and suddenly I'm presented with a metal box housing the radio. I start to undo some screws, and think for a minute...hmm..I should probably unplug this thing lest I set my car on fire.

Radio: 2, Becky: 1

I undo the screws, figure out how the face is attached, pop it off, and there, in all it's glory, is the stuck CD. Success! I fish out the offender.

Radio: 2, Becky: 2

Pop everything back into place, and now for the test: I plug it back in. And it works! I have my CD player back, and for a far lower cost than a new radio!

And I didn't even break a nail.

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