Sunday, January 09, 2011

I spent a bit of time this weekend sewing (no pictures yet, sorry!), and I had a little bit of an epiphany about color. I purchased this particular fabric a couple of years ago when I was at a conference outside of San Francisco. At the time, I loved the fabric. I thought it was interesting, and nuanced, and I thought it would make a great cover-up for my various bellydancing exploits. Over time, that love faded, until I was left with "what the hell was I thinking?" So it sat, while I avoided looking at it.

In the spirit of fulfilling some of those New Year's resolutions, I pulled it out with the idea of sewing it up just to get it out of the closet. I mean, it's a cover up. Not a fashion statement. I cut the pattern out, set to work, and tried it on in a half-finished state, just to get an idea of what it would look like. Now, I'm hopelessly IN LOVE with this garment. It makes my skin light up, it's elegant, I can already SEE how wonderful this garment is going to be. I saved the scraps (there weren't many)...I will need a tank top out of this. I NEED this fabric in my every day life. This coming from a person who doesn't need much in the way of polyester satin.

The entire exercise threw everything I'd read about color theory and skin tone into sharp relief. It's not a color I'd normally included in my shopping excursions. I definitely will in the future!

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