Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hippie woo woo

Wow, a somewhat consistent posting schedule! Maybe.

First, a quick update on the bellydance coverup. It's in time out. I was trying to be a good little dancer and affix rhinestones to my new garment. And I MELTED A BIG HOLE in the damn thing. On the front. There is no getting around this. It'll get a patch, but only when I can look at it without glaring.

Now, onto the main point of this post. I've been chipping away at the goals I've made for this quarter, and I'm going to try a slightly different tack for the weight loss one. I've been making it to the gym fairly regularly, and have added a second bellydance class, and have been cutting the carbs down. Through all of this, I have not lost any weight. It's really quite irritating. I'm doing everything right (or well), and my body is just hanging on to the pounds, despite the fact that this has never been a stable weight for me in the past-I've always been able to gain and lose fairly easily through this particular weight (there are known stable points about 10 lbs. heavier and 15 lbs. lighter than where I am). I was complaining about it to my dad, when he recommended that I might consider trying something that a business friend of his did. It's called NAET, which stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. Trolling the internet, I've seen fairly mixed reviews, so I'd like to toss my hat in the ring on this--I'll let you know how it works.

The concept is this: your body is exposed to allergens (food, environmental, and emotional) every day, and this treatment works to re-program your body to recognize harmless substances as such. However, the definition of "allergen" is a bit broader--it also includes things that might not be tested in an allergist's office (that is, it wouldn't elicit an immune response), and your body might respond in different ways. For instance, with a grain allergy, you might not be celiac, but you might not process the grain very well. Because of this, your body might hold on to fat, or become bloated, in an effort to hang on to the energy it *can* use, and protect you from something it thinks is a poison. This enters into hippie woo-woo medicine, because they address emotional crap as well. (Though I may have a lot of work that could be done there....)

It sounds intriguing, and I'm willing to give it a whirl. It's not solely for weight fact, most of the folks in this area seem to specialize in skin problems, and chronic upper respiratory ailments--symptoms you would associate with traditional allergies. As far as I know. I don't have any food allergies, but I do have a few environmental ones: something metal, aspirin, poison ivy, and an ingredient in hair dye. My first appointment is Thursday. I'll let you know what I find out

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