Sunday, October 19, 2008

New at the Hollow...

Whew! What a whirlwind October it's been. More news will come out as it comes, but the first big piece is that I've moved. woohoo! Anyone who's asked me about where I live anytime in the past 18 mos has gotten a treatise on why NO ONE should live at Franklin Woods, and now I can say I don't live there myself anymore. After the Charging For Water incident (since when is water an amenity???) I made the decision to move and was out in something under 2 weeks. It didn't beat my prior record of 4 days (that record was set when I was trying to get away from Sherry), but it's not bad. Of course, I'm languishing among boxes on this end of things, but hopefully that won't be the case for much longer.
I moved into a set of rooms in a house near the UNC campus that is owned by the university. As such, rent is just right price, and an utter steal for the location. I have learned a few things, as well. For instance: How much closet space does Becky need? This much:

That's approximately 15 feet of closet space. Or, another way: 2 clothing closets, 1 reenacting closet, and 1 bellydance closet. Plus shelves. Plus a linen closet. Plus room for fabric and yarn stash. And some scrapbooking stuff. And there's still shelf space left over!

Also, I can boast such fine amenities as a reliable internet connection, in-house laundry facilities, hardwood floors (seen in above photos), nice house-mates, a compost pile and well-organized recycling facilities, and some new neighbors:

These neighbors are much more pleasant than my old neighbors, who were often awake (and waking me up!) at 4 am, they don't shout obscenities through the parking lot, and they don't have obnoxious visitors taking up all the parking spots. These photos were taken from my back door, by the way. The animals themselves were about 12 feet away. I really do live in the woods!
Up next: more photos of the hollow itself, and more reasons to love this place. And hopefully some good news....

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