Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You know, I've been asked (mostly by you, Trent!) why I don't post more stuff to my blog. And I've been thinking about why. Because I'm a terrible blogger. That's it. I'm a half-assed blogger. I don't consider myself to be particularly funny, and my skills at photographing knitting or my other projects are slightly lacking (mostly a photographer..)....and so there you have it. A relatively busy life (I won't dare call it exciting or interesting!) that isn't well-supplemented with pictures. search of funny, I offer up these:

Randomcyn. She's funny. We had a short discussion some months ago about why patterns are made to fit imaginary people instead of real ones...but even if you know nothing about knitting, you can chuckle as you're reading this. I bet, if my writing were half this funny, I'd get more traffic!

Again...very stupid. But very funny. And, at least in the lab, this video has spawned lots of variations on the tune.

You want something beautiful and artistic? You got it:

But you see, this isn't my's my dad's. You can find the rest over at : . Nope. I'm not good for high art...just the astrodome and ice cream. :)

So, what is it that Frodoes all day? Well, today I helped my vet dig poo out of my cat's butt...and there's no pictures of that, thank God. I also did some work with water. My entire day can be summed up in a graph. That's it--a single, solitary graph. Good ol' Kat already beat me to the punch, though, and posted a similar graph over at her blog:

The weekend? Surely I do fun stuff on the weekend. Well, as a matter of fact, I do. I work at the yarn store...and have a lot of fun...and bring home too much yarn. Too much sock yarn, lately, but anyway...THEY have a blog too. They even have some pictures of me up there, sporting some of my finished creations. Check them out:

that's all for now, folks!

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