Sunday, April 13, 2008

What I like about Texas

I got the opportunity to take a trip to Texas about a month ago for a friend's wedding..and I got a chance to spend some time immersing myself in Texas culture. So, a couple of pics to share with everyone:

This is the Astrodome in Houston. On the ground is the fairway for the carnival that is situated along the walkways around the Rodeo. This shot was taken from the top of the ferris wheel! And, another shot:

The best ice cream in the country. Yum! Even better--there is a coffee shop opening in Durham that sells this stuff! Woohoo! Now I won't have to drive to Charlotte to get some for my birthday. :) Now, if I can get a rodeo to come to town and some decent Mexican food, I'll be all set and may never have to move back to Texas....


Christy said...

I went by the Yarns Etc website and happened upon their Ravelry link. I
already have a Ravelry account, so I joined the group. I came across
your profile and headed to your blog... Long story short, I'm from Texas too. Dallas specifically.
So I just wanted to say hey!


Loretta said...

Good words.