Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally some progress!

Hello again, world. I seem to be falling off my resolution to write more frequently. Ah well. I've been too busy DOING things to write about them, it seems. Anyway, here she is:

Ta-da! It's my shiny new Bernina. We've been happily getting to know one another...with lovely creations such as this cute little lace idea inspired by my cousin....and new skirts to wear to class, like this:

Not bad, eh? It's a chocolatey mole-skin and was incredibly easy to looked a lot harder than it was.
In addition, I've also picked up my Terribly Ugly Textured Tunic...even if it ever becomes pretty, I might not change the name. :) It was a sweater I started back last August...and finished sometime around there too. Nice, easy raglan sleeve top from Fitted Knits. Oh, no, though...not that easy. When I finished..and put it was HORRID. Too big in all the wrong places and too tight in even worse places. This was Not The Knit for Me. I was pretty mad at it, so I tossed it in the closet and let it sit for a couple of months. Then I pulled it out and frogged 85% of it. Now I'm actually going to work on it a little bit more. I have ideas on how to finish it and make it look good...and I'm going to love it when it's done. I hope.

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