Monday, May 21, 2007

Resurrection, perhaps?

Hello out there to everyone (all 2 of you). I'm going to try to resurrect this blog, as I do want to join some of the KALs that are floating around out there as well as show off what I'm doing. The status of the sweet sweater? I finished it! It's cute and everything, and I put it on and.....yeah. Too small. Well, too narrow. It would be utterly cute if I lost 15 lbs. I'm working on that anyway, but I hate to not have a sweater that fits! I'm still deciding what to do about it. I think what happened was that I used the wrong material. Cotton fleece just wasn't stretchy enough...well, it stretches but it clearly doesn't want to or like it. I should have done it in wool of some variety. Acrylic probably would have worked too. I may frog the thing and do something else with the yarn. Don't know.

So what have I been doing these past months? Well, in fiber-land, I taught myself to knit and it really caught my eye, moreso that crochet. So I've been a knitting fool, making my DH some things, and a baby sweater for a new addition to the family (on DH's side) and I'm currently working on the Rogue sweater. It's turning out great, though I think when I'm done I'm going to put the cable needle down for a while! I'm also surprised that none of the people who make it have been accosted by some crazed Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons's kinda fantasy-ish. I suppose, if I ever run into those problems, I'll let you know!

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